photo 10387 20090426 zps1c19e402 225x300 Taking Care of Grey HairGrey hair is inevitable as we get older.  Some people go grey fairly early and for others it’s around the time they turn 40.  If you’ve chosen to just let it all go grey and have stopped dying it, then you’re probably looking how to take care of it.  Grey hair is different from your past “young” natural colored hair.

Grey hair can be thick, course, and wiry.  My mom always said that she could sew a burlap bag with her grey hair.  And then it could be the exact opposite.  Grey hair can be thin and wispy with literally, no body.

Grey hair can get a purple to green tint to it.  Just like how blonde’s can have lime green hair if they swim too much in chlorine.  Hair with little to no color tends to pick up odd colors.

Many women use a glossing spray, or a purifying and clarifying shampoo to let it stay true grey.  Grey hair needs moisturization.  So when looking for hair products, look for ones full of moisture!  If your grey tends to be wiry and dry, get a damage repair shampoo.

If you’ve chosen to let your hair go naturally grey, then you’re still going to want to look and feel beautiful and want your grey hair to pop.  Not look dull and old.  You can still go grey without looking like an old lady.  If you have a dark to olive complexion then grey hair will not wash you out.  But light pink to pale complexion can really be washed out and become painfully pale if you have a full head of grey hair.  Consider adding some highlights or low-lights to hair to enhance natural beauty.

This is a shampoo specifically designed for grey, blond, bleached, or highlighted hair. It’s moisturizing and hydrates damaged hair.

 Pura d’or shampoo is for preventing hair loss.  Yes, even women start to lose hair as they get older.  Maybe not as dramatic as men but it may start thinning and become frail and whispy  This shampoo helps prevent this.

Boosting radiance and volume, this shampoo is highly recommended by hairdressers.